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Richard Kelly in the 21st century – still up to date? Let’s try!

Qualitative Bewertungskriterien für Licht anwenden – ein Versuch!

Communicating visual perception and impressions might be challenging. The translation from visual experiences to spoken or written words can be done either quantitative or qualitative. This comes also into account, when we need to communicate light. The quantitative way of communicating light leads to measured data and ratios. The qualitative track searches for other, more visual criteria to communicate light. In order to develop a language for the perceived impressions of light, Richard Kelly’s »Three Elemental Kinds of Light« are well-known and fundamental to lighting designers and industries. In this workshop the participants themselves will try a qualitative view on their surroundings and evaluation methods will be tested and discussed.

/// Termin: Mi. 08.02 /// max. 20 Teilnehmer /// Workshop auf Englisch
Jakob Schreck
Jacob Schreck