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Lighting Works of Chi-yung WONG

A view of Lighting Artist: From Theatre Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Light Installation to Mental Health

Light have become the major economic component that light-based technologies directly interfere the speed and life rhythms and increasing societal health and well-being through technologies such as light therapy and light-based medical devices. This proposed project is to raise awareness of how light-based technologies and how art installation using light could promote psychological health through contemplation and inspiration. This proposed seminar is a sharing session on the works of Chi-yung Wong, a lighting artist came from Hong Kong, currently living in Zürich. He trained from theatre lighting design and architectural lighting, and landed on creating lighting sculpture, and scenography installation and creative education with light, and currently his research on the potential improvement for anxiety disorder through mindfulness lighting installation.

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Chi-yung WONG
Chi-yung Wong
Lichtkünstler, Theater & Architektur Lighting Design